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A teardrop shaped Tectite. Tectites were formed by meteor impact with earth where Quartz sand was present. The high temperatures and pressure caused by the impact produced a splash effect upwards that then fell back to earth as fused glass in strewn fields. Tectites are opaque, often pitted and resemble Obsidian. They come in various shapes, spheres, discs, elongated ‘cigars’, dumbells and teardrops. These Tectite come from China. Please note that many Tectites are sold as rare Tibetan Tectites but most do not come from Tibet at all.

Size and Weight

Size is 1.7in/4.8cm long and 0.6in/1.9cm wide. Weight is 26g.


Tectite in Crystal Healing.

Tectite is a stone that expands and opens ones consciousness and encourages spiritual growth. It helps you learn from experiences, see the lessons they have taught and promotes insight into how to move forward on your path of evolvement. Tectite enhances communication with other worlds and is helpful for chanelling, telepathy and clairvoyance. Tectites have long been carried as talismans for good luck and are said to bring wealth and fertility to those who carry them.

More Tectite.

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