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Moldavite is a unique stone found only at the hit site of a meteorite that many millenia ago struck in Moldavia in Czechoslovakia. It is a form of natural glass formed by the heat of the impact. The spray zone where these are found is small and the amount of Moldavite found will be finite.

Size and Weight.

Size is 0.5in/1.6cm long and 0.4in/1.2cm wide. Weight is 2g.


Moldavite in Crystal Healing.

Moldavite is considered a new age stone. As a form of Tektite it is a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with earth energies. It is a very powerful and fast working spiritual transformer, raising consiousness levels and aiding opening to contact with extraterrestrial energy forms.

More Moldavite.

You can find more Moldavite and many other beautiful crystals and minerals in my shop. We stock both raw natural crystals, shaped polished pieces and a range of crystal jewellery.

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