Shining Citrine tumblestone..not heated, Brazil, ‘Abundance’ 12.7g SN5502


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This Citrine is completely natural. Much Citrine you will see today is actually heat treated Amethyst, it has a distinctive orange brown colouration. All this involves is putting Amethyst in an oven for a few hours. Natural formed Citrine is now a rare crystal and so man in his wisdom has decided to heat treat Amethyst which is abundant and cheap and sell it as the more expensive Citrine. The crystal for these stones is from old stock from Brazil, it is considerably paler than the darker and often smoky material presently coming from Madagascar and The Congo and it has a lovely shine and ‘light’ about it. This stone is beautifully clear.

The stone you see in the photographs is the stone you will receive.

Tumblestones are an ideal size to hold during meditation or to be used as pocket stones. Carry them in your bag or pocket or place them under your pillow.

Size and Weight

Size is 0.7in/2.4cm long and 0.7in/2.3cm wide. Weight is 12.7g.


Citrine in Crystal Healing.

Citrine is known as the ‘Merchants’ stone. It has long been used to attract abundance and prosperity especially for business where by tradition it has been placed in the cash register or cash box.

More Citrine.

You can find more Citrine and many other beautiful crystals and minerals in my shop. We stock both raw natural crystals, shaped polished pieces and a range of crystal jewellery.

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