Rare Tangerine Quartz crystal point with Bridges 8g SN10812


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A beautiful Tangerine Quartz crystal point. Tangerine Quartz is clear with-in and has a beautiful orange oxidised micro Hematite coating. This crystal has several small Bridge crystals at it’s base. Bridge crystals are smaller crystals that grow across or from a larger one.  This Tangerine Quartz is from Minas Gerias, Brazil.

Size and Weight

Size is 1.4in/3.8cm long and 0.7in/2.2cm wide. Weight is 8g.


Tangerine Quartz with Bridge in Crystal Healing.

Tangerine Quartz is an excellent crystal to use after shock or trauma. It can be used for soul retrieval and past life exploration and healing. It teaches that there is a gift in every experience and that there is an underlying order inherent in the universe. It is a crystal to help put the past in the past and keep it there. Tangerine Quartz is stimulative and revitalising, encourages creativity and artistic endeavour.

Bridge crystals are for reaching across a divide whether between two people or in a situation where understanding needs to expand.

More Tangerine Quartz.

You can find more Tangerine Quartz, other forms of Quartz and many other beautiful crystals and minerals in my shop. We stock both raw natural crystals, shaped polished pieces and a range of crystal jewellery.

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