Rare small polished piece of Chrome Diopside crystal 2g SN21278


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A rare polished piece of bright green Chrome Diopside crystal. The polish on these pieces is not perfect with some rough areas. Chrome Diopside contains Chromium which gives it this intense deep green colour.

Size and Weight.

Size is 0.5in/1.8cm long and 0.4in/1.3cm wide. Weight is 2g.


Chrome Diopside in Crystal Healing.

Chrome Diopside is a stone to make connection with Mother Earth and the healing energies of the plant and animal kingdoms. An intense stone it clears, instils peace and tranquility, balances and heals the soul. Chrome Diopside is a heart healer especially in times of illness and trauma. It is sometimes called the ‘Crying Stone’ because it is said to heal trauma by bringing forth cleansing tears.

More Chrome Diopside.

You can find more Chrome Diopside and many other beautiful crystals and minerals in my shop. We stock both raw natural crystals, shaped polished pieces and a range of crystal jewellery.

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