Rare natural piece Astrophyllite, ‘Moving On’ 110g SN34570


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Natural pieces of matrix rock with beautiful bronzey gold Astrophyllite crystals. Astrophyllite is a rare crystal found only in a few locations worldwide. It forms as bladed crystals often in starburst like sprays. It grows in association with Aegerine, Feldspar, Nephiline, Mica, Zircon and Titanite. This piece has some cream areas of Feldspar and also black Aegerine. This Astrophyllite is from the Yukspour Mountain, Knibiny, Kola Peninsula, Russia.

Size and Weight

Size is 2.4in/6.3cm long and 2.1in/5.6cm wide. Weight is 110g.


Astrophyllite in Crystal Healing.

Astrophyllite is a stone of ‘introspection’. It helps to assess and review ourselves from the outside in and to see the opportunities for positive change that our lives are offering. It can help those dealing with profound changes, it encourages forgiveness and releasing of past wrong doings, by yourself or others so we can grow and move on from difficult situations. Astrophyllite is an ideal crystal to use during meditation where it can aid in accessing higher states of consciousness

More Astrophyllite.

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