Rare Green and Red Tourmaline crystals in Quartz tumblestone 3.3g SN23772


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These Clear Quartz tumblestones have beautiful crystals of Green and Red Tourmaline with in them. Red Tourmaline is known as Rubellite and comes in shades of red and pink. The stone you see in the photographs is the stone you will receive.

Tumblestones are an ideal size to hold during meditation or to be used as pocket stones. Carry them in your bag or pocket or place them under your pillow.

Size and Weight

Size is 0.6in/2cm long and 0.5in/1.6cm wide. Weight is 3.3g.


Green and Red Tourmaline in Quartz in Crystal Healing.

Quartz is considered in Crystal Healing to be the master healer and the most powerful crystal of all. It is also a powerful amplifier of energy and can be programmed for the work you want to do. Quartz raises energy on a spiritual level and enhances psychic abilities. When other crystals are with in Quartz, the Quartz is considered an amplifier of the energies of the included crystals.

Green Tourmaline is an excellent healer that aids sleep and quiets the mind. It magnetizes prosperity and abundance, promotes openess and patience and rejuvenates and inspires creativity. It is a nurturing stone that opens the heart chakra and promotes compassion, tenderness and a sense of belonging.

Rubellite is one of the ‘love’ stones. It attracts love, helps to feel trust when loving and helps deal with any emotional pain left over from previous loves lost. It is also considered an aphrodisiac, helping with the trust required for sharing physical pleasure. It is a peaceful and relaxing stone that connects you to your own inner wisdom.

More Green and Red Tourmaline in Quartz.

You can find more Green and Red Tourmaline in Quartz, Tourmaline in its other colour forms and many other beautiful crystals and minerals in my shop. We stock both raw natural crystals, shaped polished pieces and a range of crystal jewellery.

If you need help choosing crystals or advice about their properties please do not hesitate to contact me.

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