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A large white banded Agate polished heart. White banded Agate is also known as Peace Agate. Agate is a microcrystalline form of Quartz and is found all over the world in a multitude of colours and forms. This White banded Agate is from Madagascar.

Size and Weight

Size is 2.5in/6.6cm long and 2.5in/6.8cm wide. Weight is 187g.


Agate in Crystal Healing.

Agate soothes and calms and is a stone of harmony and balance for body and mind and this form of banded white Agate is sometimes called Peace Agate for it’s particularly soothing energies. Agate inspires quiet contemplation and introspection and is highly supportive of spiritual growth. Emotionally Agate facilitates self analysis, self honesty and self acceptance and encourages a positive outlook to life. It gives confidence to move on from negative experiences and leave behind anger and bitterness.

More Agate.

You can find more of the many types of Agate and many other beautiful crystals and minerals in my shop. We stock both raw natural crystals, shaped polished pieces and a range of crystal jewellery.

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