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A beautiful large, shining dark brown Smoky Quartz crystal Companion point with a large double terminated Bridge crystal at it’s base. Companion points are a large main point with a smaller one growing at it’s side and Bridge crystals are smaller crystals that grow across or from a larger one. Both the main point and the smaller Companion point have multiple terminations and the whole piece is dotted with many smaller Barnacle crystals. There are also some small white Feldspar crystals growing on the Bridge. This Smoky Quartz is just as nature made it and has not been heated to darken it. It comes from Malawi.

Size and Weight

Size is 6.4in/16.6cm long and 6in/15.3cm wide. Weight is 704g.


Smoky Quartz Companion points with Bridge in Crystal Healing.

Smoky Quartz is a great calming stone very beneficial for grounding and highly protective. It is an ideal stone for times of change when it can help promote fortitude and positivity and give courage to face new things.

Companion crystals are nurturing and supportive especially when times are difficult. They are ideal to work on relationship issues.

Bridge crystals are for reaching across a divide whether between two people or in a situation where understanding needs to expand.

More Smoky Quartz with Aegerine.

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