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Honduras has some of the oldest recorded Opal mines in the world. The mines are located in areas that must be accessed on foot along narrow tracks where vehicles and machinery could not go so the Opals are hand mined and bought down the hillside by donkey. Many local farmers subsidise their income by mining the opals. Buying these Opals helps the local people of the region. The opals are found in volcanic black basalt making them naturally black. These stones have tiny flashes of red, green and blue. The flashes are often easier to see when the stone is wet. The stone you see in the photographs is the stone you will receive.

Tumblestones are an ideal size to hold during meditation or to be used as pocket stones. Carry them in your bag or pocket or place them under your pillow.

Size and Weight

Size is 1.3in/3.4cm long and 0.7in/2.2cm wide. Weight is 6g.


Honduran Black Opal in Crystal Healing.

Honduran Black Opal is a gentle stone ideal for emotional healing and can help bring suppressed or pent up feelings to the surface. It is a stone that strengthens divinatory abilities and is considered a revealer of truth especially in circumstances where the truth may be concealed. A stone that encourages communication, connection with those around you and aids in clear expression of one’s opinions. In the past Opals were given as love tokens and used as protective amulets.

More Honduran Black Opal.

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